Bulls blasted by Bucks for 2nd night, 95-69 at United Center

This game was over early. The Milwaukee Bucks raced off to a scorching first quarter where almost shot every they took, went in, and the Bucks routed the slumping Chicago Bulls, 95-69.

The Bucks simply dominated. Their starters outplayed the Bulls starters. Giannis Antetokounmpo, known as the Greek Freak, scored 22 points and had 11 assists. His running mate, Jabari Parker, who starred at a Chicago high school, scored 12. Even Tony Snell, who played unevenly in Chicago, scored 10 points for Milwaukee.  Greg Monroe also played well for the Bucks.

As for the Bulls, they are in a slump. Now at 13-13 for the season, the offense is in a major funk. The team has lost its rhythm  and Friday night, the team was as cold as the frigid Chicago weather.  The Bulls shot only 30% from the field, which is hard to do, when you are a professional. Jimmy Butler had a bad night, going 3 for 14 and Dwyane Wade was only 5 for 14. Rajon Rondo shot 3 for 9 and that is a recipe for a long night.

When you shoot poorly, you look bad and make the other team look great. That was the case on Friday night. The Bucks are heading north while the Bulls are free-falling.

Butler and Wade are searching for answers. So is Fred Hoiberg, the head coach. They have to fight their way out of this morass.  This team lacks the tenacity to play fired up night in and night out. I know that is hard to do, for every game. But the attitude of daily competence is missing. Bobby Portis, the reserve forward had ten points on four of eight attempts. He had the best shooting percentage of the team.

When this type of loss happens, you have to give credit to the opposing team. But to have this happen in back-to-back games is a bit disconcerting. Right now, the Bucks look like a team on the rise, not the Bulls.

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