Q&A: Josh Richardson

Courtesy of Anthony Chiang

Anthony Chiang: Are you a music snob?

Josh Richardson: What’s a music snob?

Anthony: Somebody who believes they know more about music than most people and always feels the need to share that knowledge.

Josh: Well, kind of. I just like certain types of music. I’ll listen to anything and I’ll give anything a chance. But I’m really picky about what I listen to. Before I went to college, I actually always listened to rap. That’s all I listened to. I got to college and I took a class my freshman year called the History of Rock and Roll. I learned about Amy Winehouse first, and then The Beatles and a lot of other stuff. I thought that music was interesting, so after that class I really started to listen to everything. I still listen to rap. But that’s not the only thing I listen to now. I listen to other stuff more than rap now. I’m really versatile in my music taste.”

Anthony: What’s on your “recently listened to” list?

Josh: “Bounce Back” by Big Sean, “Come Down” by Anderson .Paak, “Butterfly” by Corinne Bailey Rae, and “Let Love” by Res.

Anthony: Have you listened to the new J. Cole album (4 Your Eyez Only) yet?

Josh: I downloaded it. I haven’t heard it yet. I haven’t gotten a chance. You listened to the whole thing?

Anthony: Yeah.

Josh: You liked it?

Anthony: Yeah, it was good. Very good. It has a good storyline.

Anthony: Is there an artist you really want to meet?

Josh: Coldplay and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Those are two groups I really would like to meet.

Anthony: What’s your favorite album of the year?

Josh: I liked the Childish Gambino album. Also, Glass Animals had a good album.

Anthony: I know Dion Waiters is friends with rapper Meek Mill, do you like his music?

Josh: Yeah, he’s cool. He’s not one of my favorite artists, but I like him. I probably wouldn’t play it off my iPod. But if somebody else was playing it, I would vibe to it.

Anthony: Which place in Miami plays the best music?

Josh: Wood Tavern (in Wynwood). And Urban Outfitters always has pretty good music every time I go in there.

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