Q&A: Josh Huestis

Courtesy of Erik Horne

Q: Kyle Singler’s a close friend of yours and has talked about the work he’s put in this summer with you. What did you get from working with him?

A: “Kyle was around summer league, and he did the training camp for summer league with us. He’s someone that plays the same position as me and is similar in style to me, so it’s been nice to be able to go against him, prepare and see the work we each put in, help motivate ourselves by looking at the other guy.”

Without Kevin Durant here, do you see an opportunity to step in and increase your minutes at small forward?

“Of course. Obviously, losing Kevin opens up a lot of minutes. I’m just trying to be somebody who can step in and contribute, help the team win in whatever capacity that is.”

What were the workouts like in the offseason in L.A. with some of your teammates?

“We got an opportunity to get out there and be all together for the first time in quite a while. Having a chance to go through drills together, get that camaraderie, and also be able to play a little bit as well was great … to be able to get on the court, get used to each other again, just have fun playing the game.”

With Durant and Ibaka gone, is it somewhat exciting to see what the new players will bring and how good this team can be?

“Of course we’re gonna miss those guys on and off the court, but it is, it’s exciting. It’s a new look for us. A lot of new players. But it’s still exciting to see what everything is going to be like, how everybody’s going to work together when it all gets started.”

What did you think about being selected in the D-League expansion draft this summer by Greensboro? Where were you when it happened and was it a surprise?

“I think I was in Oklahoma when it happened. I had been talked to about it prior to that, so it wasn’t really something I focused on or thought about or really clouded my mind in any way.”

What’s been your primary focus this summer in what you need to improve?

“Just being somebody that can be all-around and contribute in a lot of different facets, be somebody that’s consistent, somebody that night in and night out you know exactly what you’re gonna get from them.”

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