Q&A: Kyle Singler

Courtesy of Erik Horne

On which new players he’s been able to get to know this summer:

“Victor’s been around a lot. Ilyasova’s been around. Domantas has been around a ton, I really like him. He’s got a great feel for the game. Of course I’m gonna leave out some guys, but there’s been a good showing of guys throughout the summer. It’s just good to see that commitment.”

On if he gotten a sense of the Thunder’s new style of play this offseason:

“A little bit, but again, it’s not going to be the style of basketball that we’re going to be playing later on in the year. I think there will be a time when we need to figure out what works best for our team. But style-wise right now, we’re an athletic, guard-oriented team with bigs that can defend guards. We’ll be an exciting team. We’ll be unique in a way that we can put a small lineup out there, but play big as well.”

On if he thinks starting at small forward would help him:

“I’m not sure. I’ve had games where I’ve played well off the bench. There’s consistency as a starter. You know when you’re gonna get in there. You kinda know the minutes you’re going to be playing, so there’s comfort in that. But I can go either way, starter or coming off the bench.”

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