Q&A: Stephen Jackson

Courtesy of Slam

SLAM: What’s the grind been like for during this comeback attempt?

Stephen Jackson: My whole career, I’ve never had no serious injuries or no surgeries. These last seven months, I’ve been doing two-a-days to get ready. I know I have a good two years left and hopefully I can help somebody.

SLAM: You’ve been a fixture down here in Atlanta lately. Why here and not back home in Texas?

SJ: I’ve been living here most of the time since I played for the Hawks. I’ve been here for around 10 years and I moved out to Alpharetta for my two-a-days, so I’m feeling good.

SLAM: Have you considered the D-League or possibly going overseas? Or is it NBA or bust?

SJ: NBA or nothing, man. I don’t need the money. I just want to give back to the game. Anything else is a step down, so I just want to give the NBA a shot.

SLAM: After having a couple of years away from the game, what made you all of a sudden decide to try to get back to the League?

SJ: I’ve been been playing basketball at a high level and my body feels great. I got calls from different coaches who have seen me work out and they know I can still play. I’ve got two years left, so why not give it back to the game?

SLAM: The younger generation knows you more for the Steve Francis incident than they do for your game itself. Is that part of the reason that you want to get back on the court?

SJ: The thing is, I’m one of those rare competitors in everything I do. Guys don’t compete as well as they used to. I’m one of those rare competitors who care about locking down on defense and doing what I’m supposed to do.


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