Wade is Now A Chicago Bull in Stunning move

Suddenly the Chicago Bulls just got better.

Dwyane Wade, who has tormented the Bulls for a long time, decided it was the time to move on from Miami, where he earned three NBA titles.  Speculation is that he was not coveted in a way that he felt was needed by the Heat.

The Heat miscalculated on Wade. And, now Wade is off to Chicago where he will start with Rajon Rondo.  Wade, who grew up, outside of Chicago, before attending Marquette University, has roots in the Windy City.  Now, he will be playing in the United Center.

Yes, he is 34 years old. But last season he played in 74 games and averaged over 19.0 points per. Plus his championship seasoning will do wonders for the Bulls team, who lost their star player when it traded Derrick Rose to New York.  It got another marquee player, likely past his prime. But it will be fun to watch Wade take over a game down the stretch, like the wily veteran he is. He knows all the tricks, and his competitive fire is strong.

Don’t underestimate the heart-tugging feeling Wade may have when putting on a Bulls jersey. And, hearing the roar of the crowd, when he is announced. Wade may play  like a 34-year-old, which is good enough for Chicago.

Suddenly, the Bulls are relevant again. Gar Forman, the Bulls GM spoke of going “young and athletic” in trading away, Derrick Rose. But They take on a head case in Rondo, who was practically kicked out of the Mavericks locker room by coach Rick Carlisle.

How is Coach Fred Hoiberg going to reign in Rondo?  With the arrival of Wade, the team dynamics will shift greatly. Now, there is a three-time NBA Champ on the team, and believe me, team members, and that’s everyone — will listen to him.

The Bulls traded Jose Calderon to the Los Angeles Lakers and sent Mike Dunleavy to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Terms of these deals were not announced, but the Bulls cleared up enough salary space to pay Wade who gets a reported two-year deal at 47.5 million.

And, that ain’t chump change.

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