Q&A: Steven Adams

Courtesy of Erik Horne

Q: How is your health after tonight’s game?

A: “I feel fine, mate. A couple of bruises but it’s OK, mate.”

Golden State out-rebounded the Thunder 45-36. What was the cause for the rebounding differential between Games 1 and 2?

“They were just the aggressors tonight, man. They came out more aggressive than us, obviously that led to them getting more boards and all that sort of stuff. It could be a lot of things, man. It could be thinking too much. Obviously our focus was shifted somewhere else. I think we’re thinking too much instead of just coming out swinging. So that’s probably what we’re going to look into, just coming out with more intensity and more focus on the basics of what made us win the first game.”

What is the mindset being tied 1-1 headed back to Oklahoma City?

“It doesn’t matter if you have home court or not. The other team is still going to come out and play. It’s still going to be one hell of a battle, no advantages or anything like that.”

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