Feature Friday Preview: An Oral History of the NBA each Week

The game of basketball is the lives of many. Believe it or not, every single day, the NBA produces another phenomenal basketball story that can be told for generations to come.

Welcome to Feature Friday, my new weekly segment where I will be sharing these stories with you each week.

Time period? Doesn’t matter.

Who? Doesn’t matter.

The NBA is so full with history that anything goes for this segment.

The NBA contains legends and historical achievements that few sports can even come close to.

Every Friday, I will gladly share with you these stories that few of my generation even distantly know of.

I am excited to begin this tomorrow, and I hope that you all enjoy the stories I have to tell.

Tune in this Friday. If you have any requests in the coming weeks for stories, please let me know in the comments. For announcements on the next Feature Friday, follow me on Twitter @MurrayHussein and @MurrayHusseinHN.


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