Carmelo Anthony Isn’t Going Anywhere

Once again, rumors surrounding a Carmelo Anthony trade have surfaced. The New York Daily News’ Frank Isola published an article about a “mega deal” that would send Melo to the Cavs in a three-team trade.

Carmelo has a No-Trade-Clause and has repeatedly said he won’t waive it. Knicks Team President Phil Jackson has also said Anthony will not be moved, yet these rumors continue. Melo once again had to shut down the talks that he would be traded.

“There’s nothing guaranteed when you’re in New York, but I don’t pay attention to those rumors … I’m not even entertaining no trade talk right now” Melo said Saturday.

Anthony’s Knicks have gone through a rough stretch, losing nine of their last ten games and firing head coach Derek Fisher, but Melo makes it clear that even through the struggles he hasn’t considered leaving. “…it’s not a conversation for right now”.

At this point trading Melo away wouldn’t make much sense for the Knicks. Anthony hasn’t been able to keep up his scoring numbers (he’s averaging 21.4 PPG, his lowest since his sophomore year), but he’s averaging 4.2 APG, a career high, and 7.9 RPG, the second most in his career, and has taken more of a leader role on the team. Melo has been a mentor to rookie Kristaps Porzingis, and trading him would not only make the team worse, but could possibly stunt KP’s growth. Unless the Knicks could get a very high lottery pick or a young player with a lot of upside, which seems unlikely, trading Melo would just be senseless.

Tommy Dee said it well:

With all Anthony has said and done, making it very clear he doesn’t want to be traded, it’s very improbable that he’ll be moved before the trade deadline (February 18), but these rumors will probably still continue.

*All stats via basketball-reference*

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