The Return of the Flash

Miami’s beloved Dwyane Wade has forever been the face of the Heat franchise. Miami was going through a rough patch before they drafted the 6-4, 220 lbs. guard out of Marquette University back in 2003. He was taken by the Heat at the fifth pick behind his current teammate, Chris Bosh. During the beginning of this season it looked as if Wade had handed over the crown to Bosh who was averaging stellar scoring numbers and was even named Player of the Week at one point.

It started to seem as if Wade was once again taking a step back and letting someone else take over which led to some fans to feel that Father Time had his clutches on Wade. But, as of recently, Wade has come alive.

Wade has been battling a shoulder injury for the past few months. However, he has found a way to shake that off completely.  He has averaged 20+ points against top-tier teams like Chicago, Oklahoma City, and Golden State. Not to mention his recent commanding performance against Brooklyn.  He’s proven that he deserved the starting 2-guard spot for the Eastern Conference All-Stars.  Despite his old age, he is still giving top-tier defenders such as Jimmy Butler a hard time. I think its safe to say the ‘Flash’ is back!

His health has been a constant concern for the franchise. They’ve done a good job at finding his successor in Justise Winslow; however, it will take time for Winslow to develop. Until then Wade, accompanied by Bosh, has done a solid job competing and giving their team the opportunity to make a run in the playoffs.


Just as recent as Monday Wade was named the NBA’s Player of the Week along with Kevin Durant. The scorching hot Heat have won 4 games straight despite injuries crippling Miami’s reserves. This is a monumental accolade for Miami because this is the first four game winning streak since the ‘Big Three’ era. Wade is certainly taking the reigns and turning Miami around. The Heat are definitely rallying from the disappointing season last year. His teammates are noticing his effect on the floor as well. Teammate, Chris Bosh, calls Wade a lock down defender. Bosh commented after the Milwaukee Game,

“He can’t do it the whole game, but late in the game he can guard their best guy. Period. And that guy’s probably not gonna get open. If he really wants to, he’s gonna lock him up.”

Do you still feel that this is just a surge Wade is going through? Let’s not forget he leads the team in steals this season with 44.

You can’t just see Wade for his surreal scoring ability. If there was a word to describe his overall game, it would be tenacious. If you watched him play against Milwaukee recently, Wade stripped a forward at the rim that was nearly 7 feet tall before he could tie the game in the final 30 seconds. As Miami fans, you have to appreciate that fact that Wade is still grinding the gears at 34 and dominating.

At the beginning of this season, many thought Wade’s time in the league was numbered. Nevertheless, the performances he is putting up shows that he’s pushing Miami to once again become a championship contender. If you still don’t agree with what we are witnessing in Wade, all that can be said is that the proof is in the pudding.

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