Golden State Embarrasses Cleveland at the Q, 132-98

CLEVELAND, OH – Golden State finally showed its true strengths as the team to beat in a bloodbath at Quicken Loans Arena, defeating the Cavaliers 132-98.


Warriors haters are absolutely out of excuses at this point, as Cleveland was absolutely demolished from the opening tipoff with a fully healthy squad.


Losing by 10 to Golden State in the early stages was the sign of death for Cleveland, as the Warriors have won 54 straight when leading by 10 points or more.


Stephen Curry dominated the game, scoring 21 of his 35 points off of threes. This matchup wasn’t just about an NBA Finals rematch at the Q; it was a test of who really was the world’s best basketball player that night against King James himself.


Speaking of James, LeBron was shut down throughout the contest. Golden State’s versatility on defense forced LeBron into tough shots, and James scored 16 points on 16 shots.


Cleveland’s incapable defenders showed their true colors. Trapping with Kevin Love on pick and rolls was a suicide wish. Cleveland’s players lacked the motivation that Golden State had throughout the game.


Draymond Green was an important asset to the Warriors’ success, providing numerous assists and rebounds. He produced an efficient 16 points as well.


Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love could not score throughout the game. Something that makes any argument over the Warriors’ finals victory obsolete.


The Warriors made a statement by destroying the Cavaliers. Not any small statement, but a gigantic one. Golden State did not lose the lead at any point during the contest, and the game was only tied once.




The Warriors will play at the United Center against Chicago on Wednesday, on ESPN


The Cavaliers will play at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Wednesday.


GSW: Kevon Looney and James Michael McAdoo

CLE: Sasha Kaun

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