Friendly Reminder Knick fans, Be Patient

The New York Knicks are 2-0 in preseason basketball, and Knick fans should be happy. The team seems to be understanding the offense much better than last seaon’s team, and the chemistry is much higher. Carmelo Anthony has responded well in his first two games since coming off of knee surgery. Phil Jackson’s #4 overall draft pick, Kristaps Porzingis, has played well also. In the words of Ron Burgundy, don’t act like your not impressed.

Overall as a team, they have played as a cohesive unit that shows a knack for getting at it defensively. Carmelo’s jump shot has been consistent, and Kristaps shows promise. Jose Calderon seems to be on his game, while Sasha Vujacic has been knocking down his threes. Robin Lopez seems to have transitioned well into the triangle offense. Kyle O’Quinn’s mid-range game has been strong, and even Cleatho…

Okay Joe, let’s not get ahead of yourself.

Anyway’s, everything that I just mentioned are good things. We need to ask ourselves, does this team have the ability of competing with the teams projected to be at the top of the Eastern Conference, or the powerhouses of the West? Answer that yourself.

A playoff run would be cool, but we cannot forget about the grit and grind of the long 82-game NBA season. Consistency is key. Anthony needs to be on his game, and stay on his game throughout the entire season for this team to make the playoffs. This is scary because he is no longer the skinny kid in baby-blue, with cornrows running around the hardwood. He is a 31 year-old man who has plenty left in the tank, but needs his rest. Not sure if he’ll be able to get enough rest, and still be able to make the playoffs this year.

But that’s okay! I can guarantee it will be a fun year, full of progression for this young Knicks team. The wins and losses will even out, or at least come close to doing so.

This is a friendly reminder to the Knicks fans across the world to stay humble, and remain patient. Don’t worry, they’re on their way!

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