Building Blocks: Boston Celtics

After looking at what the Boston Celtics have done this off-season, and examining their depth chart, they appear to be where they would like to be. Team President Danny Ainge has done a good job at building the Celtics team of the future. They have versatile guys who can do many different things while on the hardwood.

There is no clear-cut starting five next season, since their team consists of multiple players who are capable of being a part of it; which is a good thing. Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley, Jared Sullinger, Evan Turner/Jae Crowder, Tyler Zeller/Amir Johnson; these players are most-likely to be starting for the 2015-16 Boston Celtics.

The Boston fans should not be mad, but they should not be happy either.

According to Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald, the Celtics have engaged the Denver Nuggets in talks to see if they would part ways with their 6-10 sharp-shooter, Danilo Gallinari. He is in the last year of his deal which will allow him to earn $11,559,225.

This move could clear cap space, and allow the Celtics to be even larger players in free-agency next off-season.

Gallinari, if healthy, could be a nice addition depending on who the Celtics would trade in return. But at the end of the day he simply is not good enough to put this team over the hump. In today’s NBA, the small-forward position needs to be able to average 20 points, or be a very good defender. Sorry to break it to you Danilo, but you do not possess those attributes.

Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, Damien Lillard, Russell Westbrook, these are All-Star point guards who are quick on their feet, and scoring the ball is second nature to them. Danny Ainge took a chance at drafting Terry Rozier out of Louisville, who just so happens to be extremely quick, and can score the heck out the ball. It seems as though Danny Ainge wants to be able to compete at that position.

This franchise has never settled for anything less than a championship. This is what they are building towards. This is what the city of Boston needs. But for now, slowly but surely, this Celtics team seems to be coming along.

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