Cavs Even Series with 95-93 OT Nailbiter.

Everyone had written off the Cleveland Cavs before Game 2 when it was announced that Kyrie Irving would be lost to the team for the season due to a broken kneecap.

Irving was pictured in a hospital bed watching the game. He may have been one of the only viewers not surprised by the outcome.

The Cavs, behind the brilliant game of LeBron James, who had 39 points, 16 rebounds, and 11 assists in 50 minutes of action, led his team to a stunning 95-93 win at the Oracle arena where the Warriors were virtually unbeatable.

The Cavs shot just 32.2 % from the floor and yet won the game because they held MVP Stephen Curry to an off-shooting night, where he scored 19 points, on 5-23 attempts and only 2-15 on three-point shots. Curry who was harassed all night by guard Matthew Dellavedov, simply was out of his rhythm and did not have the touch.  Dellavedov did a defensive gem on Curry, fighting through multiple screens to man up on him.

The Warriors rallied late in the game to tie it at 87-87 on a Curry layup, but the Cavs made all the right moves in OT. They had stops, got key rebounds, and controlled the tempo of the game.

LeBron James slammed the ball down with an exclamation point when the game ended. It was a rare display of emotion for him. He knew how important this game was. It was the first win in the team’s history in an NBA finals. It tied up a series that experts had all but handed to the Warriors. And, Game 3 is back in Cleveland where they have a distinct home-court advantage.

This Series isn’t over. There will be no sweep.  The Cavaliers are rallying around their leader.

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