Hoiberg Named As New Bulls Coach

It’s been rumored for a while, but the deal is done, Fred Hoiberg, is now the new head coach for the Chicago Bulls.  Hoiberg knew people in the front office and that apparently paved the way for his jump from college coach (Iowa State) to the Bulls.

Hoiberg has won 53 games in the past two season with the Cyclones and in 2014 took them to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament.

He is noted for his handling of offensive sets and ways to get guys involved.  He played ten years in the NBA, four with Chicago, and was in the front office for an additional four seasons.  So, he has the experience. The question is does he have the health.

Hoiberg has had heart issues and recently underwent open heart surgery to repair a defective valve.  He’s had 2 heart surgeries since 2005 and wears a pacemaker.  He is involved in the American Heart Association.

One has to wonder if he is healthy enough to withstand the rigors and the stress of being a NBA coach?  If he is, the Bulls appear to have landed a qualified coach and breath of fresh air.

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