Rumor: Hoiberg to Coach Chicago Bulls?

A deal is not done yet. But according to media reports out of Chicago, one is in the works with Fred Hoiberg, the current coach of Iowa State to replace recently fired head coach Tom Thibodeau of the Chicago Bulls.

The holdup, according to a report out of Chicago, is that Hoiberg is waiting to be cleared from his doctors regarding his recent open heart surgery.

The coaching search had evidently zeroed in on Hoiberg some time back. Bulls General Manager Gar Forman and Hoiberg have known each other for a while. Forman was an assistant head coach at Iowa Coach under Tim Floyd.  Hoiberg was a star player there and played for the Bulls from 1999-2003.  Forman even bought Hoiberg’s home after he left the Bulls for the Timberwolves at the end of his career.

Hoiberg, 42, recently had heart surgery to mend a valve, the second such surgery on his heart.

Hoiberg has a pacemaker for his heart. He is active in the American Heart Association. He says he knows more about the heart than anyone would care to know.

The burning question is: How do you go from having open heart surgery to being a head coach in the NBA in a few months?

Talk about stress. Hoiberg may be a likeable man and fine coach, but this might be a time to really pause to think about this decision.  You don’t want to see serious repercussions about a person’s health. The Bulls need to do full diligence in finding out about Hoiberg’s health status regardless of Hoiberg’s collegiate success.

If he is cleared by doctors, it would be prudent to proceed with caution.

But it may be that this ship has sailed. I hope he is a good coach and a healthy coach.

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