Q&A: Charles Barkley

Courtesy of KESN-103.3 FM

On why things didn’t it work between the Mavericks and Rajon Rondo:

Barkley: “Well Pat Riley had a great saying, he called it voluntary cooperation. That’s really what it is. When he played with the Lakers, when you got Magic, Kareem, James Worthy, Byron Scott, Michael Cooper, guys like that — players have to make a decision. Do I want to worry about getting my numbers or am I looking at the greaterment of the team. I always use that phrase — voluntary cooperation and I don’t think they got that from Rondo. I think he’s used TO PLAYING a certain way, and he’s not going to change and it could have been a great situation. If he played well, he could have made his self more money on the open market to be honest with you …”

On if losing Rondo is addition by subtraction:

Barkley: “It’s definitely addition by subtraction; that’s a no-brainer. It’s definitely addition by subtraction. The next game is definitely the most important game. You’re not going to come back down three-zip. I think it lifts the fog from the locker room, because I don’t think anybody in their right mind thinks this thing has been working. If you think this thing has been working, you just don’t know anything about basketball. But I think it lifts the fog out the locker room. Now those guys, whoever is going to start, whoever is coming off the bench, they got to be encouraged because of the last game — the guys who played the last game, that’s the team they’ll have going forward. They have to make a few adjustments, don’t give up all those dunks and things like that. But they obviously got to win the next two GAMES, plain and simple.”

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