Knicks to Move Away From Triangle Offense?

Phil Jackson, head honcho of the New York Knicks said, “Forget about the Triangle offense.” This seems to be an admission that Jackson’s hope of implementing his famed offensive sets in NYC didn’t and couldn’t happen.

Previously Jackson summarized his efforts to rebuild the Knicks as a “dismal failure.” A 17-65 regular season record  would seem to back that up, the worst in New York Knicks history.

But really, the Knicks don’t have the talent to run the Triangle. A large investment was made to make that the foundation, new coach Derek Fisher played it in Los Angeles, Kurt Rambis was with the Lakers for many years, is now an assistant head coach, and Jim Cleamons previously worked with Jackson on his coaching staff. Carmelo Anthony hurt his knee and had surgery, so say goodbye to the bona fide scoring option.  Now to Plan B.

However, it looks like the Knicks don’t have a plan B except to get the best players available at all positions. When Carmelo Anthony returns, there will be yet another scheme to learn.  Anthony is a natural scorer, so what he needs is a healthy body and someone to pass him the ball.  Getting that knee 100% won’t be so easy.

If the Knicks were building a house, this team would be at laying a good foundation stage. You need sturdy pillars to support a house. And, the Knicks are searching for talent at the baseline level.  There won’t be an instant turnaround at MSG next season. There might be an improved team.

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