Hoping & Waiting on News For Derrick Rose

The city of Chicago, at least the sports fans there, are anxious, and all are aware that Friday, Derrick Rose will undergo surgery on his right knee to repair damage to the meniscus muscle.  Since not many people are privy to the inner workings of Derrick’s knee, there is hope that perhaps this may not be a serious injury and that Rose could return to play later this season.

That is the optimistic tone coming out of the front office of the Bulls today.  To paraphrase John Paxson, former player and now Bulls exec, “Derrick will come out of this feeling positive and his knee (might) be better than its been in a long time.”  Well, Mr. Paxson, you can come look in on me whenever you’re free.

Others are saying, “Derrick is a strong person and will come out this stronger”. Ok, but can he play?

We really don’t know, but we’ll know more sometime on Friday.

The Bulls have games to play. And, the players were caught off guard by the possible severity of the news and their feelings for a good guy.  They lost to Charlotte, mostly by a difference in points if Rose had played.  Whatever the outcome of Rose’s knee, the Bulls need to come together as a team, and trust in each other. Some players have played while Rose has been hurt before. Some players like Gasol, have not. There needs to be a coming together, a cohesive unit formed to take on the upcoming challenges, especially from Cleveland, who is on fire now.  It is time for this team to sit in a circle of fire, and derive strength.

The Bulls aren’t done. This team has talented players. Gasol, Noah, Butler come to mind. They could still play their best basketball in the later stages of this season. Stranger things have happened.  Spring is coming!

Richard Kagan

Contributing writer at Hardwood Nation. Contributing writer at Boomer-Living Plus.

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