Where’s Derrick’s Shot?

Just a few weeks ago, Chicago Bulls G Derrick Rose was practically lighting it up as he scored over 30 points, and in the upper 20’s.  Lately his scoring has fallen off, and it hit a kind of crisis mode, if you are a Bulls fan, when Rose has made 7 baskets in 35 attempts the last two games.  Last night, he made just two shots and missed 13 other attempts, including all his 3 point attempts.

Perhaps more importantly, he altered his game to take more outside shots, and didn’t drive inside to the basket.  His outside shot lacked lift and it seemed he was tired as the rest of the Bulls players. When he makes a move to the low post, he often gets fouled and Rose is a good free-throw shooter. He didn’t drive much to the hoop, and on one trip, committed a turnover. Rose had no made free-throws in the Nets game while Bulls only had 15 free-throw attempts.  We don’t know if there is something wrong with Rose, physically.  Perhaps this is just a rough patch on the road to recovery.

Jimmy Butler only had 8 points on an off shooting night. He has averaged over 26 points per game in the last 4 games, all wins. And has emerged as break-out star on the team.

We will know more on New Year’s Day, when the Denver Nuggets come to the United Center.  There is an old saying in the NBA that goes like: “If you’ve lost a tough game, or don’t like the way you played, don’t worry, there is a game just around the corner.”

For the Bulls, that game is Denver. 

Richard Kagan

Contributing writer at Hardwood Nation. Contributing writer at Boomer-Living Plus.

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