Gibson to start next season?

The writing was on the wall for the majority of last season with reserve forward Taj Gibson receiving the chunk of playing time in the 4th quarter versus starter Carlos Boozer.  Gibson recently let it slip that the Bulls have asked him to prepare to be the team’s starter at the 4 position next season.  Such a move on behalf of the Bulls would indicate that they are preparing to part ways with Boozer via the NBA’s Amnesty clause that would allow the franchise to waive Boozer and not have his remaining salary count against their salary cap.  

Gibson confirmed that he has been told “to get my body and mind right to be a starter.’’

“I mean this will be exciting,’’ Gibson said. “This is what I’ve always thought about. When I started [those six games] for Boozer when he was hurt during the season, I just know how excited I was, how good it felt to come to the arena.’’

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