Nothin but Net?

Okay, now I think we can all agree that the Brooklyn Nets have performed sub-par when compared to the expectations from many NBA experts and fans.  The once championship hopefuls now find themselves dwelling at the bottom of the painfully weak Eastern Conference.  After having an incredible off season with the acquisitions of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry, the Nets haven’t been able to remain relevant and when one thought that it couldn’t get any worse, they lose starting center Brook Lopez who led the team in points and blocks due to a foot injury.

“We have gotten comfortable with losing” stated Ex-Net superstar and current head coach Jason Kidd who was recently fined $50,000 for his “spill” in order to an extra time out if you will.  Veteran F Paul Pierce was also fined for his clothesline on George Hill during Monday night’s game which was lost by the Nets 103-86.  The game saw Pierce scoreless through the first three quarters until the incident. A scare also occurred when starting point guard Deron Williams tweaked his left ankle in the same game but fortunately it is fine.  Williams had already missed 11 games this season due to past ankle issues and has acknowledged that with the noticeable absence of the 7 foot Brook Lopez,  he will have to step it up and be more aggressive. When Williams and Lopez have played together the Nets are 55-45 while they are 32-68 when the pair doesn’t see action together so Lopez leaves some big shoes to fill no pun intended.

‘I don’t think we have an identity” stated Nets star PF Kevin Garnett and fellow star Joe Johnson agreed.  The Ex-Celtic has averaged a disappointing 6.7 points and 7.1 rebounds a game with an overall shooting percentage of 37.5%.  His green hearted partner in crime Paul Pierce is averaging 12.6 points 2.9 assist and 5.2 rebounds a game though he has shown some spark with two 20+ games before the incident with Hill.  The Brooklyn Nets rank 21st in ppg (97.6), 28th in rpg (40.4), 17th in apg (20.9) and rank 25th in points allowed with 102.6. Playoff doubts are nonexistent with this team especially in the horrible Eastern Conference, full of much mediocrity but it won’t take much to push them off of the edge.

The Nets are currently 27th in the NBA power rankings falling from 23rd last week. Brooklyn has invested $190 million on this group and the franchise expects a turn-around.  This team has beaten the likes of the two time defending NBA World Champion Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Clippers which showed potential but the losses thus far have been inexcusable.  With that being said, there is a possible silver lining with Andrei Kirilenko returning to the line-up after suffering from back spasms. He hasn’t played in any games since November 8th (23 games) and talks will continue between team trainer Tim Walsh and himself to figure out when he will be game ready.  Now will today’s match up be the “game of the night”? Of course not but it will be a real test of character as the Nets try to create the identity of a potential powerhouse on the road to the playoffs.

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