Bulls or Busts?

Okay we get it……Derrick Rose is back and looking elite, looking like the 2011 NBA MVP but what about his teammates?  With all of the media hype being focused around D. Rose, it leaves a couple of stones unturned.  Obviously D. Rose will lead the team in scoring but what of the pieces around him because there is no I in team as he would agree.  Lets not forget Carlos Boozer who averaged 16.2 ppg along with 9.8 rpg as well, a very respectable stat line for the power forward and also Loul Deng whom put up an additional 16.5 ppg and 6.3 rpg and those 3 apg doesn’t hurt either.  With that being said, no one is more important than Kirk Hinrich…….yes i said it!  Putting aside stats, Hinrich is D. Rose’s right hand man.  The better he does the more D. Rose can rest which would take a load off of coaching staff and D. Rose himself especially with the loss of Nate Robinson who signed with the Denver Nuggets during the offseason.  A few questions still remain for the Bulls, are they ready to leap over the Miami Heat?  They are arguably the best team in the NBA’s Eastern Conference (along with the New York Knicks) to dethrone the Heat seeing as they stole a home game from Miami in last seasons Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. 

Historically the Chicago Bulls are a good regular season team whom fall short in the playoffs. The Bulls were knocked out by the Heat in 2 of the last 3 years.  They will get somewhat of an immediate test of that challenge tonight as they travel to Miami to begin the season.  Chicago is definitely going to have to be more efficient this year ranking 25th in the league last season with field goal percentage averaging 82 fg attempts a game opposed to around 36 makes. However they were 3rd in the league in opponents points per game with only 92.9 while putting up only 93.2 on average ranking tied for 28th with Washington and Philadelphia which isn’t exactly good company.  But what about Joakim Noah?  The New York born center has managed to be a double double man with an average of 11.9 ppg and 11.1 rpg and with 2.1 blocks per game which ranked him 6th in the league last season.  So are the pieces there?  Well that is greatly debatable but only time will tell and with only mere minutes until tipoff I’m sure the league, along with the fans are anxious to see if the Bulls will be able to hang with the juggernauts of the league and increasing competition.  One thing it will not be however is boring and they will be bringing the Windy City along for the ride. 

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