Battle for the East: Celtics:Heat….The Aftermath

As the seconds ticked away, the Celtics starters arose from the bench and made their way towards the locker room without the theatrics of hugs and handshakes.  Defiant as ever they felt like they needed to get the last laugh against a Heat team that finally stood up to them, defeated them soundly.  Like bullies the Celtics pushed and like bullies they backed down when the Miami Heat pushed back.  During an exciting season of up and downs and three losses out of four games to the Celtics, Miami needed this win but they didn’t go onto the court expecting to win off of skill alone, this effort took heart, guts, as they stifled the Celtics offense with incredible defense and battered the Celtics by grabbing every rebound possible.  Simply put, the Celtics were beat at their own game.

Lebron James had his usual great game and Dwyane Wade brought the defensive intensity that fired up and inspired the team to close out on the majority of the Celtics perimeter possessions and disrupted Boston’s passing lanes.  Midway through the fourth quarter when the Celtics began to make their championship push, the Heat again reached another level as it has in previous games to stop the Celtics march.  The Power of Belief was on South Beach this afternoon and now the Heat can clinch the #2 seed and home court in the first two rounds of the playoffs with victories over the Hawks and Raptors.  For my history buffs, the last time the Heat were the #2 seed, they won the NBA Championship “2006”.

If a second round match up happens between the Heat and Celtics prepare yourselves for perhaps the most physical series that the NBA has seen in years.  The Celtics were exposed today, for there’s a difference between being a great defensive team and being fake tough guys.  The Celtics showed their fake tough guy side and it appears as if they’ve lost they’re identity as real tough guys since trading Kendrick Perkins away at the end of February.  I wasn’t shocked by their show of disrespect but more disappointed than anything, I thought champions lose with grace, but I guess today was the passing of the torch because the Heat won with grace, won like Champions.

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